How do you PAY IT FORWARD?

Pay it forward Kids
is a Non-Profit organization that was created by 12 year old Jack Praver of Virginia Beach, VA. With the help of his sister, 15 year old Madi Praver, they have set on a quest to try and change the world, one child at a time. The concept of paying it forward is simply to do, one kind deed a day to another person, without ever expecting
anything in return.


  • Donate your time to a local animal shelter
  • Take a dog for an extra long walk
  • Help your neighbor with their yard work
  • Clean out your closet and donate items to Charity
  • Hand write a note to a friend letting them know how much you care and what an awesome friend they are
  • Let someone go ahead of you in the grocery store check out
  • Help a family member or friend clean their house
  • Hold the door open for someone – All Week Long
  • Drop off some magazines and books to a Senior Citizens Center
  • Go to a local Fire Department and tell them how awesome they are
  • Leave your mail carrier a kind note or small gift
  • Bring your neighbor fresh flowers
  • Pick up garbage in your neighborhood, beach or park
  • Play “10 Good Things” – Say 10 good
  • things about someone you know

Inspire others to do Random Acts of Kindness by sharing your stories here!