How do you PAY IT FORWARD?

Pay it forward Kids
is a Non-Profit organization that was created by 12 year old Jack Praver of Virginia Beach, VA. With the help of his sister, 15 year old Madi Praver, they have set on a quest to try and change the world, one child at a time. The concept of paying it forward is simply to do, one kind deed a day to another person, without ever expecting
anything in return.


  • Donate your time to a local animal shelter
  • Take a dog for an extra long walk
  • Help your neighbor with their yard work
  • Clean out your closet and donate items to Charity
  • Hand write a note to a friend letting them know how much you care and what an awesome friend they are
  • Let someone go ahead of you in the grocery store check out
  • Help a family member or friend clean their house
  • Hold the door open for someone – All Week Long
  • Drop off some magazines and books to a Senior Citizens Center
  • Go to a local Fire Department and tell them how awesome they are
  • Leave your mail carrier a kind note or small gift
  • Bring your neighbor fresh flowers
  • Pick up garbage in your neighborhood, beach or park
  • Play “10 Good Things” – Say 10 good
  • things about someone you know

Inspire others to do Random Acts of Kindness by sharing your stories here!

One thought on “How do you PAY IT FORWARD?

  • I was at Busch Gardens with my family the other weekend. I was in line for the Mach Tower behind a family (father and two older kids) I saw the father in front of me pull out his cell phone from his pocket, it was in a little zip lock snack bag. I looked at him and said “Did you put your cell phone in a sandwich bag?” he laughed and said he did because he intends on going on some water rides and hopes it will keep his phone safe. After we got off the ride I took my phone out of my waterproof cell phone bag and gave it to him. He was so excited and as so happy when he shared the experience with his wife. It was a small thing and I had another one in my stroller, but it made my heart feel so big.

How do you Pay it Forward?

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