Our Mission Is Simple:

To try and make the world a little bit better place to be. Through giving, we can help those children that need us the most. With faith to know that someone truly cares. Then they too can rise above and Pay It Forward.

Pay it forward Kids is a Non-Profit organization that was created by 12 year old Jack Praver of Virginia Beach, VA. With the help of his sister, 15 year old Madi Praver, they have set on a quest to try and change the world, one child at a time. The concept of paying it forward is simply to do, one kind deed a day to another person, without ever expecting
anything in return.

For more information on how you can help, contact:

2 thoughts on “Mission

  • I just opened a box a diapers that we had bought from Kroger. As I was putting the diapers away I kind of threw the box and heard something……. to my surprise there was a Business card with “Pay it forward kids” on it and a note on the back, the note says ” you want the best for your child, but kids are expensive. We hope this $10 gift card will help! Treat your child, or treat yourself; you guys deserve it!” As I grabbed it to read it, noticed something attached and sure enough there was a 10$ gift card to Kroger! I wanted to say thank you so much to whoever left the gift card! We actually have been struggling some this last few months (not as much as others I am sure)! We truly appreciate this act of kindness more then you will EVER KNOW! We will be paying it forward also! Thank you again and God Bless!

How do you Pay it Forward?

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