Past Activities

Giving Campaigns

Often times through the year, PIFK will pick several charities, schools, associations or individuals to take care of. Our preference is to donate time or items. At times kids may donate money as well.

25 Days of Kindness

Every day during the month of December supporters of PIFK did one random act of Kindness.  Some examples:

  • Day 25! Food for a family that has a child fighting cancer
  • Day 23! Redbox jackpot for someone! Somebody is getting a Christmas movie on us!
  • Day 20! My buddy Ethan bought the police officer behind him a donut and some coffee this morning!
  • Day 19!! Random gift card giving!!
  • Day 13!! Hot chocolate for a Salvation Army bell ringer.
  • Day 10!! Donated to the local fire department!
  • Day 8! Fresh Starbucks for the family behind us!
  • Day 6! Put all the carts back at trader joes! This is an easy one guys!
  • Day 5! Random gift card on the car day! Happy Starbucks in the morning!
  • Day 3! We are adopting a soldier !
  • Day 2! Some random coffee cake for some hard working people!

Past Giving Campaigns More Great moments in Giving:

  • December 2011, with the help of The Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center PIFK Gathered, wrapped and delivered Presents to over 100 homeless children for Christmas through donations gathered from friends and family.
  • Over 100 Kit caps donated to the Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters, cancer ward and Neonatal units.
  • PIFK works with the Ronald McDonald house to deliver a bit of home though fresh baked cookies and Meal Nights.
  • Joplin High School, after the 2011 tornado, PIFK donated a classroom full of kitchen items for their family life classroom.
  • Shoe Donations: For Whitney School in North Las Vegas, Nevada, PIFK collects donated shoes for kids in the school, of which 85% are homeless.
  • 100 Acts of Kindness European tour in October 2011. PIFK traveled trough France, Italy and Spain performing true acts of kindness.

How do you Pay it Forward?

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